Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Benefits of Texture......

    Texture adds dimension to a room. It appeals to our senses -- both visual and tactile -- which makes the room interesting. You can add texture on the floor with a rug, on the walls with a paint finish or a piece of art, in the room with a carved wooden table and anywhere you use fabrics.
     Establish Elegance
      Use texture to achieve Traditional Style: Dress up decor with hand-tufted rugs, woven wools, smooth silks, fabric trims, gilded frames, cut crystal, and polished wood.
       Create Comfort
        Use texture to achieve Country Style: Create inviting interiors with layered rugs, chenille, ticking fabrics, weathered woods, and dimensional artwork.
         Be Cool
          Use texture to achieve Modern Style: Make an impact with shag rugs, smooth leather, striated canvas, laminated-plywood furniture, glossy plastic, and shiny stainless steel.
           Set the Mood
            In addition to establishing style, you can use texture to create ambience. Choose soft, fine fabrics and embellished furniture for a feminine mood; use rustic metals and rich woods for a masculine feel. Silky pillows and velvet slipcovers make a space more formal, while denim slipcovers and corduroy pillows add an everyday comfy vibe.
             Encourage Color
              Let texture inspire your color palette. This woven bed introduces natural fibers. Decorating with colors from nature -- green, brown, taupe -- is a perfect fit.

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