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Kitchen Layout DesignKitchen Floor Plans and Kitchen Design Layouts. Enjoy.......

Kitchen Layout Design

When creating a kitchen layout design or kitchen floor plans consider that most kitchen layouts fall into one of five categories based on the kitchen shape or kitchen layout.

The pictures below show the five most common kitchen floor plans. Before starting your kitchen design process look at each of the layouts below, think of your existing space (or your bubble diagram if you are designing a new home) and also consider the kitchens of friends, family members and your past homes. Consider which of those kitchen designs functioned well and which were awkward.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout Design

The U-shaped kitchen also employs an efficient work triangle. This style of kitchen generally works well for one or two cooks but if the width of the U is narrow it is difficult to accommodate more people. If the U is too wide this kitchen becomes less efficient in terms of walking distance from each point of the working triangle. A variation of this style of kitchen is where one or part of a wall is open to form a pass-through counter or peninsula counter (in this image it could be open between the fridge and the sink wall).

One of the advantages of this kitchen is that it discourages traffic through the preparation area. However, if there are full height walls on all three sides, this can also be a disadvantage since there is little room for socializing with those who are not involved in the food prep.

Straight or One Wall Kitchen Design

This style of kitchen is often employed in small apartments or open-roomed homes such as vacation homes. All appliances end up along the length of this counter. The working triangle is flattened to a straight line which, for one or two cooks preparing simple meals, can still be functional. Ideally the counter length should be kept to a reasonable length. Once the counter gets too long the efficiency of the kitchen is really degraded. By placing a table four or five feet from a one wall kitchen design you can help create the feel of the kitchen as a room and also provide extra space for preparing foods.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen works well for small spaces and open floor plans. The work triangle is an efficient one. A table on the open side of this type of kitchen can make for a comfortable and casual feeling kitchen with room for guests and conversation. A table placed here can also be used for food preparation when required. This style of kitchen is commonly employed in a farmhouse kitchen where the dining area is situated in the kitchen.

G-shaped Kitchen Design Layouts

The G-shaped kitchen floor plan provides the same efficiency of the U-shaped kitchen layout design with the extra advantage of having a peninsula that can be used as an eating counter or for a place for those not helping out in the kitchen to sit and socialize. One drawback is that the enclosed space could feel a bit claustrophopic. This could be alleviated by large windows and open views into the rest of the home.

Galley Kitchen or Corridor Kitchen

In general, the galley kitchen or corridor kitchen is commonly designed for a single cook or for small spaces. But if the distance between the two counters is somewhat wider than a traditional galley kitchen (which is often 3 to 3-1/2 feet from counter front to counter front) say perhaps 5 feet and if additionally, one wall is all or partially open this kitchen layout design can accommodate more than one cook. By opening one wall, seating can be created on the other side of the open counter.

I remember last year I wrote an article of designing a kitchen and I said for a simple start, just draw in your mind a trial angle, that where are these three things will stay 1. fridge, 2. stove, 3 sink, and you will get a nice design you want, and know your doors if they are open from the inside or outside. 

So from here you will know which design you have in your home and if you want to change it you will know where to begin. 

For more assistance pls don't hesitate to contact us Homez Deco - Kreative Homez as we are professionals and we can build or renovate your kitchen.

Gharama za utengenezaji garden

Gharama hizi inategemea na ukubwa ama udogo wa sehemu na aina gani ya maua tutakayoyatumia, je udongo wako ni mzuri, maana mahitaji ya garden ni, udongo, maji, mbolea, maua, etc.

Sasa, sio kila sehemu zinafanana, ni lazima tuje tu angalie sehemu yako ikoje na imekaaje, na kama tunavyojua, kila ua lina gharama yake, tunakupigia mahesabu ya kila kitu, kwa kweli kwa kukisia ni vigumu. na kama tunavyojua hatufanyi kazi kwa kubahatisha, kila kitu kinakwenda kwa design na vipimo. Msiogope gharama, jali quality ya kitu.

Natumai nimejibu swali lako ndugu mdau.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

20 Decorating Secrets......Thanks to HB magazine

1. Refinish Vintage Finds
Don't be afraid to paint a vintage piece. Every piece of furniture can't be brown.

Don't Forget the Closet Lighting
Love your closets. Paint them, paper them, hang pictures in them to inspire you. And definitely light them.

Switch Up Your Seating
Mix up the seating at your dining table. You wouldn't have eight identical chairs in your living area.

Leather Lasts
The most indestructible fabric for dining chairs is leather or vinyl. Especially if you want white.

Plants Cheer Up a Lonely Corner
Nothing softens a lonely corner in a big room like a potted tree.

Gold Is Gorgeous
Gold is back in a big way. A few accents will warm up a room, like this classic living room designed by Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford.

Skirted Furniture Finishes a Room
Too many chair and table legs can make a room "nervous." A skirted piece or two will make it feel "grounded."

Kick Your Traditional Coffee Table to the Curb
The most versatile coffee table you'll ever own is an ottoman topped with a tray.

Tuck In Your Throws
Keep throws under control. Fold them lengthwise, then in half, then tuck them into cushions.

Layer Your Lighting
Four lamps are better than two. You need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading.

Mix Styles
A four-poster bed will take the chill out of a modern bedroom, like this one designed by Vicente Wolf.

White Works
You'll never get tired of a white room.

It's Okay to Skip the Sofa
There's no rule that a living room has to have a sofa

Use a Real Rug in the Bathroom
Use a rug instead of a bath mat. It was made to withstand a lot more wear than the occasional wet foot.

Large Collections Need Order
Wall brackets can bring order to a large collection or odd shapes, which is what Mary Watkins Wood did in her master bedroom.

Wallpaper Is Easy
The fastest way to make over sliding closet doors is to wallpaper them, like Melissa Warner did to turn a bedroom into her office.

Go Dark
Dark walls do the opposite of what you'd expect: They make a small room feel bigger.

Leave Cabinets Open
An open armoire is more interesting than a closed one. Let people into your secret world.

Buy a Bigger Bed
Small-scale furniture only makes a small bedroom look smaller. Try a high bed and a tall headboard. Your room will grow.

Pile On the Pillows
One pair of pillows always looks skimpy. Use two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fundi wa jiko la gas anahitajika.... kwa yeyote anayemjua fundi mzuri tunaomba contacts zake tumsaidie mdau mwenzetu

Mdau mwenzetu Ndera, anaomba msaada wa  fundi wa jiko la gas. Anaomba wadau wanaofahamu wanipatie namba ya simu niwasiliane naye kupitia blog hii.


How to zap your microwave into cleanliness

I stumbled on the following microwave cleaning method that’s so ridiculously simple and so good I can’t believe I hadn’t known about this sooner:

To get out all the splatters and spots that end up caking the interior, fill a microwave-safe bowl with a cup of water and a few splashes of vinegar, or wedges of lemon or lime (which of course have the added benefit of smelling terrific). Zap it on high heat for a couple minutes until the water starts to boil and the window gets steamy. Wait 15 minutes for the bowl and water to cool, and for all that steam to penetrate the stains, before opening the door. Follow up by wiping down the interior walls and rubber door gasket with a clean cloth or sponge (and if the window is still grimy, use a half water/half vinegar solution to get it shiny). That’s it—so easy, right? I just tried it and am deeply satisfied with the results, the fact that I didn’t need to use any chemicals, and the whole process in general, which kind of feels like a grade school science experiment.

Ucheleweshaji wa ku update blog...

Naomba kuchukua nafasi hii kuwaomba radhi wadau wangu wote kwa kua nachelewesha ku upload blogspot hii yenu, najua nawakera,na nawaudhi etc.

Ila nawaomba mnivumilie katika kipindi hiki nilichonacho, maana siku zingine naamka ndivyo sivyo, mara mgongo, miguu etc. Nawaombeni radhi sana sana, maana pia naangalia na afya yangu kwa ujumla na kiumbe nilichobeba.

Najitahidi kadri niwezavyo nisipilize muda mrefu ku update, maana mambo ni mengi na hua sikurupuki, ni lazima nivifanyie kazi ndio niwaleteeee. Kwa upande wa kazi, kazi inaendelea kama kawaida, maana nina vijana nani wachapakazi wazuri.

Siwezi kumpa mtu password akawa ana update, si unajua anaweza akafanya atakacho na wananchi msinielewe.

Asante sana kwa uvumilivu, though wengi wamekua wakilalamika kwa nini si update, nawaomba mniwie radhi kwa hili

Nadhani ndugu wa wasomaji wa blog hii mmejifunza mengi

I love this, 

kwa kupitia blog hii, ukiwa unaitaji kutengenezewa garden, usisite kuonana na
Sylvia pia ni, mtaalamu wamambo haya ya garedning, mtafute akupe ushauri, nini chakufanya, hapo nyumbani kwako, iwe ni upigaji wa rangi, mapazia, hse organizing, pia na mambo ya mazingira, bustani 
   amewasadie wengi, pia wamezifurahia kazi zake. tuyapendezeshe mazingira ya majumbani kwetu, tunapoishi,mbona mambo mengine tunaweza kuyafanya na ya gharama tu, wengi wenu muna kasumba za kuweka price tags kwa kila kitu, nikimaanisha, kua ukitajiwa gharama unaona ni kubwa sana, jua ya kua gharama ya materials ni ghali, na tuachane na hii haitusadie bali inatudidimiza kimaisha, unakuta mtu ana nyumba nzuri ila haina mpangilio, rangi za ndani ya nyumba ni X-MASS TREE, mpangilio ndani ya nyumba haupo hatakama una vitu vya thamani havitonekani, maana wengi wetu tunapende vitu vijae tuu  kila kitu ndani yanyumba na mazingira ya nje kuna mipangiliyo yake ndio maana tuna professionals ambao wanajuwa wanachokifanya, tuache kuwa cluttered, murundikano wa vitu haupendezi kabisaa ndani ya nyumba na nje ya nyumba. unalolote hili linakukwaza onana na dada Sylvia atakusadia. ninashirikiana naye anafanya kazi nzuri sana, please, use her do not abuse her. natumaini atawatatulia yanayowakwaza, kimazingira,ya ndani na nje ya nyumba zenu. asanteni 

hizi ni baadhi yakazi ambazo tulizifanya, kushirikiana na wataalum wa kujenga ponds, yaani mabwawa, yana utaalamu wake wa kujenga kwa kutumia mawe, jinsi ya weka njia za maji. covers na kila kitu tulishirikiana na mataalam Justin from, Acade new york.    Enjoy

Monday, October 18, 2010


SOUTHERN TIER. ME & MY HUSBAND. Kama mnavyoona hii ni stage 2. tulishapanda, sasa ni maintaning, to molow the lawan to do the edges, triming, na kuhakikisha kila kitu kinaenda kama kawaida, cha muhimu ktk kazi hii nikuwa na vifaa, proper landscaping equipments kazi hii inakuwa rahisi, na utafurahia kazi yako,Kwa walio wengi wetu hapo TZ hawana vifaa, kama wanvyoona ni kwa ajili ya bustani ndogo za majumbani yaani domestics gardening tools, nilizungka dar nikaona maeneo mengi , vifaa wanavyotumia azifai na wengine vinachukua muda mrefu sana, kumalizia kazi zao. Tutaelimishana kupitia blog hii ni nikifanyike, tupate ufumbuzi wa suala hili. nawapongeza wanotengeneza gardening hapo Dar na tupende kazi zetu, tudhithamini hii ni taalum kama nyinginezo tuyapende mazingira yetu tunayoiishi, na kuyalinda acheni kutupa takataka ovyo, tupa sehemu maalum, MANISPAAL YA JIJI wekeni mapipa ya taka mjini , na sehemu nyinginezo baba mama fundisheni familia zenu usafi na uifadhi wa mazingira, kumbukeni vyanzo vya magonjwa ni kwenye uchafu malundo ya takataka, kwenye vituo vya mabasi hata baadhi ya shule zina malundo ya uchafu tunawafunsha nini hawa watoto wetu?? na taifa la kesho litakuwa taifa gani,? hili nijukumu la kila mmoja wetu kuanzia ngazi ya famillia
mpka taifa, mi nimkereketwa wa mazingira tunaweza kuvaa nguo za madegsners, kuwa na magari ya kifari nyumba nzuri ila ukiangalia mazingira tunayoishi ni heart breaking, nawaombeni wizara husika amasisheni suala hili kuanzia mashule mpaka ngazi za juu, linda tunza mazingira yanayowazungka achani kutiririsha maji machafu mitaani, kuwa na vyoo visafi hasa kwenye mabaar, restaurants na sehemu za bihashara ni aibu aibu kubwa, uchafu uliotapakaa magonjwa, tuyapende mazingira tunayoishi, wanajamii wa watanzania,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To all mother to be lets have fun......

Homez Deco inapenda kuchukua nafasi hii kuwakaribisha wale wote wanaotegemea kupata watoto, haijalishi mimba ina umri gani, na hata kama umejifungua tayari tutumie picha yako nasi tuta post kwenye blogsite yetu hii na kukupongeza.

Tuna elimishana na ku have fun pia. Karibuni

Tuma kwenye email : picha yako ama ya mtoto.

Hongera Ritha kwa kupata mtoto wa kike.

Mteja wangu Ritha amenitumia sms kua mungu amemjalia na kajifungua salama mtoto wa kike Sept 15, 2010.

Homez Deco inakutakia kila la kheri na malezi bora kwa mtoto wetu na mungu awe nawe katika safari hii ya kulea.

TO ALL MOTHER TO BE............

Ninaomba tu share hii mada nanyi. Kuna hii website inaitwa ni website ya watoto na inakueleza nini chakufanya kuanzia mimba ikiwa changa, jinsi ya kusave (hii especially to single mothers like me) na pia ina calculate na kukujulisha kua ujauzito wako una muda gani na mtoto kafikia stage gani, nini ule etc. kwa kweli ni mambo mengi sana.

Karibuni muione na kujisomea.

NB: kama una maoni, ushauri, na pia mawazo tafadhali usisite kunitumia email kwa address hii: ili tuweze kuwekana sawa na wenzetu. nami nitazi post kwenye blog yetu hii.

Wishing u all the best through this period. Mother to be.....

Rangi yenye mvuto kwenye duka la fashion design

Hi mimigal, asante sana kwa compliments, sasa kuhusu rangi za kupaka kwenye duka la fashion design, kwanza ningependa nijue hilo duka ni lita base kwa vitu vya wanawake ama wanaume. na pia kwenye rangi jitahidi kupaka rangi ambazo ni bright, kama njano, orange, pink, blue etc.

Mpangilio pia una matter, jitahidi uwe na mpangilio wa vitu.

Hapa dukani tuna color samples zaidi ya mia karibu uje ujionee na nikupe ushauri

Strechmark za kwenye tumbo wakati wa ujauzito

Napenda ku share na wadau wangu habari njema, ni kwa wale wote ambao ni mother to be na ambao watakao teegemea kupata watoto.

Hizi streachmarks kwenye tumbo, nilikua ninazisikia tuuu, ila nakumbuka siku moja wakati niko kwenye first trimester, nilikwenda mlimani city kwenye maduka ya watoto nikiwa ninafanya window shopping.

Nikaingia duka la mummys, nikafanya window shopping yangu, na wadada wa duka hilo ni wakarimu na walinihudumia vizuri, kuna dada mmoja muhudumu wa duka hilo akaniambia dada naomba nikupe ushauri kuhusu kukabiliana na strechmark, ndio akaniambia kua mafuta ya mgando, yaani vaseline, baby care etc hua yanasaidia sana.

Cha kufanya, paka tumboni mafuta hayo mengi ya kutosha tokea mimba ikiwa changa kila siku mara baada ya kuoga. Inasaidia sana kupunguza kuwasha na kutotoa strechmark

Akanionyesha tumbo lake kweli halikua na strechmark yoyote, na mtoto wake that time alikua na miezi 4.


Monday, October 11, 2010

baadhi ya kazi ambazo tulifanya this summer ( From Jossyanne - USA)

Hapa juu ni baada ya kufanyiwa kazi, sehemu ambayo majani hayajaota hua yanalingana kwa kadri unavyo maintain garden yako na hatimaye huja kulingana. HAPA KWETU INAWEZEKANA KUA NA MAZINGIRA MAZURI NA MASAFI, KOKOTE KULE. MAZINGIRA NI UHAI
Kazi ni kazi, hapo dada yuko kazini, hata huko ulaya kuna sehemu ziko kama huku kwetu dar ama mkoa mwingine, ni kujipenda na kupenda mazingira yanayokuzunguka. Picha hizi mbili ni kabla ya kufanyiwa kazi.
Hizo ni hatua za kwanza za utayarishajiwa gardeni kama mnavyoona kwenye picha laking kuondoa magugu, kuweka mbolea pia uchanganyaji wa udongo na mbolea, hapa tulikuwa tunapanda majani, short grasses, ambayo tunaita ukoka, Ila ndugu wapendwa haya majani yanategemea na hali ya hewa ya mikoa mnayoishi,kwenye baridi, kama arusha kuna aina ya majani ambayo tunaita north east grasses, ambayo tunatumia hapa new york haya yanaweza kumea mikoa yenye mvua nyingi na baridi mfano lushoto ars, iringa na mbeya, so pia kwa tz mikoa yenye baridi wana majani ambayo yanamea, vizuri tu jaribuni majumbani,mwenu, in munispaal area, mbele ya majengo, makubwa nk,Pia tuwe wasitaarabu ukiona mwenzio kapanda iwe maua majani miti acha kutupa takataka, kufanya njia, au kukojoa ovyo shemu kama hizi tuwe wapenda mazingira, inasikitisha sana baadhi ya vitendo vinavyofanywa na binadamu mwenye akili timamu nachukia sana baadhi ya  wanaume wanaokojoa ovyo ovyo kila kona, sheria zichuwekuwe mkondo wake, tupende na kuheshimu  mazingira tunayoishi na kuyalinda, kwani kwa kufanya hivyo tutakuwa tumeepuka kama sio kupunguza magonjwa katika mazingira yetu na nchi yetu.