Monday, March 29, 2010

Huu ni mfano wa Application Letter kutoka kwa mdau wetu Lugano. (Tunashukuru sana Lugano na tunakaribisha mifano mingine ya barua za kuomba kazi )

Hellow Sylvia

See my opinion......


When you see an advertisement that attracts your attention, check carefully to note whether applications should be hand-written. If it is not stated, you may type your letter. Keep your application letter short and concise, with your main particulars listed in curriculum vitae (sometimes called a resume). This avoids your letter becoming very long and bogged down with unnecessary information. A busy employer has little time for long, rambling correspondence. Avoid the temptation to include details in which the recipient is unlikely to be interested, no matter how important they may be to you. When you have written your letter, read it carefully and ask yourself these questions:

(a) Does it read like a good business letter?

(b) Will the opening paragraph interest the employer enough to prompt him/her to read the rest

(c) Does it suggest that you are truly interested in the post and the kind of work to be done?

(d) Is your letter neatly presented and logically structured?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes” then you may safely send your letter.

Points of guidance

· Remember the purpose of your application is not to get the job but to get an interview.

· Ensure your application looks attractive and neatly presented; make it stand out from the rest.

· Be brief; give all the relevant information in as few words as possible.

· Write sincerely, in a friendly tone, but without being familiar.

· Do not make exaggerated claims of sound boastful; simply show a proper appreciation of your abilities

· Do not imply that you are applying for the job because you are bored with you present one.

· If your main interest is the salary, do not state the figure you expect. Instead mention what you are earning now.

· Do not enclose originals of your testimonials, send copies with your application but take your original along the interview.

My example

Application for an advertised post

P. O. Box 0101

26 March, 2010

Personnel Manager,
Homes Deco Creative,
P. O. Box 1020.

Dear sir/Madam C


I would like to apply for the post of Personal Secretary to the Marketing Manager in your Marketing Department as advertised today (26/03/2010) in The Guardian News Paper. D

I am presently working as Personal Secretary to the General Manager at a manufacturing company and have a wide range of responsibilities. These include attending and taking minutes of meetings and interviews, dealing with callers and correspondence in my employer’s absence, and supervising junior staff, as well as the usual secretarial duties. E

The kind of work in which your company is engaged particularly interests me, and I would welcome the opportunity it would afford to use my language abilities which are not utilized in my present post. F

A copy of my curriculum vitae is enclosed with copies of previous testimonials. G

I hope to hear from you soon and be given the opportunity to present myself at an interview. H

Yours faithfully -I


Enclosure: J

A- The writer’s address is placed at the top right-hand corner of the letter

B- All other details begin at the left margin in full blocked style (it would be satisfactory to place the date at the right if preferred)

C- Salutation

D- Mention the post and where you saw the advertisement

E- Give an outline of your present post and briefly discuss your duties

F- An indication of why you are interested in the advertised post would be useful

C- Enclosure your CV and copies of testimonials if available

H- Suitable close

I- Complementary close

J- Don’t forget Enc

NB - Your CV should give full details of your personal background, education, qualification