Thursday, November 26, 2009

A List of Do's and Don't for your New Home

Most people are getting confuse and do mistakes in decorating  their new houses, here are the do's and don't,


1. Establish a budget.

2. Pick your style--contemporary, traditional, formal casual eclectic.

3. Floor planning-- measure don’t guess doorway sizes and room sizes.

4. Paint-- decide whether to match paint to fabric or carpet or carpet and fabric to paint.

5. Color scheme should flow through out home.

6. Find the focal point of each room-- the fireplace or the TV or the windows.

7. Signature piece. Buy one good piece of furniture for a room and build around it.

8. Pay attention to scale. Is the furniture too big for the room or is the room too big for the furniture?

9. Consider the function of the room. Do you need the dining room to be a dining room if you never use it? Maybe it can be a library.

10. Hire a professional to save your time and money.


1. Don’t paint a room without testing sample on the wall or test board.

2. Don’t choose colors standing in the store.

3. Don’t buy cheap furniture just because you like the color or fabric, buy quality construction and good lines.

4. Don't arrange furniture around the wall. Arrange in groupings.

5. Don't blow your budget of expensive items that are trendy.

6. Don’t blow your budget on things that are not functional, classic or long lasting.

7 Don’t use lots of purple and black.

8. Don’t hurry the process, mistakes can be expensive.

9. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you get stuck.

Have a nice day.