Monday, February 8, 2010

2 Tips on proposing on a Valentine's day .....

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a day of lovers, so there is nothing wrong in proposing to your sweetheart on this day! However, there are some things you need to consider when making a proposal. In this article I will tell you of those things.

Since it is a love affair between the two of you, it is best that you propose to your sweetheart in private where no one else would be present! Some people believe in displaying their love openly to the public, but more often than not, such things are usually done either by celebrities in order to gain some cheap publicity or by someone who wants to attract others’ attention.

You wouldn’t want to propose in public for the simple reason that your beloved may not feel comfortable in saying “no” to you even if she is not ready for commitment yet. Keep in mind though that a girl’s saying “no” doesn’t always mean that she doesn’t love you; it could be that she is not ready for marriage yet because marriage requires commitment and time, or perhaps she wants to be financially independent before walking down the aisle, or maybe she needs time to think whether it is the right time for her to marry.

However, if you propose to her in public, she would be compelled to say “yes” even if she meant otherwise. You won’t want to pressurize her into accepting something she doesn’t want to, because that would be the starting point for future martial discord. For these reasons, it is always wise to propose in private!

If you want to make your friends and family involved in the affair, wait till she says “yes” and then you could invite them all in the engagement party!

Many people tend to fumble when the issue of popping the question comes. So here are some easy ideas to help you get started on this route.

1. This is perhaps the easiest proposing technique out there. Take you partner for a walk and visit a secluded place where there would be no one besides the two of you. Being tired of walking, you would inevitably sit down to rest. This is the right time to take that ring out of your pocket, get on one knee, and pop the question to her!

2. Plan a romantic picnic for two of you! You can invite some of your close friends too if you like. Take a basket, fresh flowers and a picnic blanket with you. Fill up the basket with all the kinds of foods you would be using for the picnic, and don’t forget to put the ring box in between the foods. When she comes up to take the foods from the basket and discovers the ring box, pop the question right then and there!


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