Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Freshen Your Home With Colors

5 Ways to Add Color

1. Start with a blank canvas of white and off-whites for floors, walls, and furniture. Then use collections and accents to bring in vivid color that can change with the seasons.

2. Punch up a room with an accent wall in a dramatic paint or wallpaper color.

3. Paint the inside of a frequently used closet for a refreshing burst of color.

4. Fall in love with a favorite fabric or pillow, then find its dominant color and play it up throughout the room.

5. If you're uncertain how much each dose of color should be, use a 60-30-10 formula as a foolproof guide. According to the formula, a predominant color should cover approximately 60 percent of the room (usually the painted walls). A secondary color should cover 30 percent (window treatments, upholdster, and rugs), while accent colors account for the remaining 10 percent (artwork, accent tiles, and accessories).

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