Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making the Most of Your Bedroom Space Using Color

I love color. And while not everyone may share my passion for it, I do believe that everyone should be aware of the simple but startling changes color choices can make to a room.

This article doesn’t focus on color schemes, but more on how to change the shape and make the most of a space using clever color choices.

Light colors create space, and obviously, light. If you have a small room, or one that doesn’t receive much natural light, painting it a lighter color will instantly create a sense of space.

Painting the ceiling of a room darker will lower it, and shorten a tall, lanky space. This look is strengthened further by extending the ceiling color down the wall to a picture rail or scotia. This can be useful in disproportionately small rooms with tall ceilings, to balance the space. It can also create a cosy feeling of warmth.

Coupling the dark ceiling, continued onto the wall with a dark floor will visually lower the ceiling and bring them closer together. But be careful, as this choice can create a slightly claustrophobic feeling if not done thoughtfully.

If you have a small but fat room, a cool color on the end wall and warm, dark colors on the side walls will make the room appear narrower and deeper. This can be balanced by using the dark color on the bedspread, or wall hangings on the dark walls in the lighter walls hues.

The opposite can be achieved by painting the end wall a dark shade and the side walls lighter. This dark color will advance as you enter the room, making it appear shorted.

Dark colors on the lower part of the wall will draw the eye down, giving it the appearance of a wider room.

Shape can also be changed with wall patterning effects.

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