Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tips: How To Become Stylish Woman.( I thought I should share this with u if you won't mind)

Women frequently ask a question: how to become stylish. The first thing you should do, dear ladies, is to understand what being stylish does mean. A stylish person is not a fanatic follower of fashion. In fact, style is mostly associated with individuality, it helps to reveal a person’s character, mood and even dreams. A stylish woman is good at choosing that kind of clothes which ideally fits her. So, let’s start from the first step.

Tip #1 Learn
 The best way to learn something new is to find good examples. So, in order to become a woman well grounded in style, you should learn its “laws”. I don’t call you on learning theory but just looking on how stylish people choose the clothes, how they combine them. While you are walking along the streets, try to single out the women who look stylish. Read fashion magazines, watch fashion channels and chalk up original ideas.

Tip #2 Revision
The second step is revision – look critically at your wardrobe. I guess you will find some useless clothes which actually you were going to throw away many years ago but something always stopped you. So, it’s a great time to realize your long-term plan. Get rid of the clothes which are “un-wearable”. Be merciless!
Tip #3 Begin with the safe combinations
 If you are not quite sure about right combinations, the best choice are classic variations: black-black, black-white, grey-white and monochrome combinations. Moreover you should check which colors and which style of clothes fit you. Besides don’t add unnecessary details to a perfect combination.

Tip #4 Find out what fits you!
 It’s very important to find that kind of clothes which ideally suit you. Don’t be afraid to try on that types of clothes you haven’t ever tried. New colors, new fashion will help you to determine your own style. Don’t limit yourself. Remember that the fashion and trendy clothes which don’t actually become you well, doesn’t worth to put on.
Tp #5 Experiments
As you reach the level when you feel confident, begin experimenting. Work out your own image by means of unusual clothes combinations.

Being stylish is an interesting challenge. Your style of clothes should ideally fit your whole image: your make-up, haircut and your accessories. Moreover your outer image should reflect what you are inside.

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