Monday, March 12, 2012

Understanding Light.........

As our eyes are always drawn to the brightest point, we can use light to make a small space appear larger.This also means that a well-positioned light.

Using reflection.
when deciding what kind of light to use and where to put it, remember that light travels in a straight line.If you want even, shadow- free light  .eg home office-use a wall-mounted uplight or a concealed light on top of a high unit.This light will rise upwards and reflect off the ceiling,creating diffused light.

The importance of shadow.
Shadow and shade are just as important as the light in a successfully lit interior. sometime it is important to have an even illumination,such as in an office space.However, atmosphere and mood are built by placing light source throughout a space-in other words,positioning them where they are needed to draw the eye around the room.

Light and mood.
Remember that we respond to light  in an emotion way. Some forms of light can make you feel comfortable and cosy-for instance,lamp light in a living room - or active and vibrant,as in a brightly lit kitchen.If in doubt about how to tackle lighting in a particular space,ask yourself  how you want people to feel when they are in that room.

To be continued.......

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  1. mambo mamii tunaomba uwe unatafsiri ili kutusaidia sisi tusiojua kingereza,inaonekana unaongea kitu cha maana ila sijaelewa vizuri!