Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Different rooms, Different requirements......

Think carefully about the use for which the room is intended;

  • A hallway should feel welcoming. Pendant lights and table lamps or wall lights and table lamps or wall lights provide that ambience
  • A Living room works best with layered lighting that caters to different uses a different times of day. Ceiling recessed lights to illuminate focal points and draw the eye around the space will enhance the sense of room and light mirrors adn artwork. Lighting blinds, shutters or curtain areas prevents large blank spots at night, when these are closed. Table or standard lamps are essential for a cosy atmosphere. A small number of large lamps works best.
  • In a kitchen, lamp light, wall lights and focal-point lighting, such as a dramatic or pretty pendant, will all enhance a room in which you spend a great deal of time, but that also needs to be highly practical, It is easy to avoid working in your own shadow by the use of well-positioned ceiling-recessed lights that give you shadow-free light.

To be continued.....

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