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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger -

Bathrooms can range in size and color, but are more often than not quite small. But there are ways to give these intimate spaces a roomier feel, Check out how to make a small bathroom look bigger with a few simple decor changes.

 Bathrooms can range in size and color, but are more often than not quite small. Sometimes these tiny rooms can feel more claustrophobic than cozy. But there are ways to give these intimate spaces a roomier feel, just by simply changing around colors and room decor. 

Lets get started!

Choose the Right Wall Color for Bathrooms

The most important aspect of decorating any type of room is the wall color. This seemingly simple change can make all the difference, setting the overall tone of the room. Lighter colors such as whites and soft pastels will help make your bathroom appear bigger and feel more spacious. The lighter color scheme will also help you create a soft, serene and soothing atmosphere.

Create Height and Brightness in a Small Bathroom

Additionally, adding a crown molding to the ceiling can enhance the height of the space, while giving it an elegant touch. The same theory applies for the floor of your bathroom. Consider lighter, neutral colored tiles or simply add a lighter colored bath mat.
If you’re still looking to brighten up your bathroom a little without going crazy on the walls, how about some fun accent colors? Choose bright or bold colors for towels and accessories to add some fun but still give the room a calm feeling.

Additionally, you can add extra lighting to the bathroom to brighten up the space, especially if there is a lack of windows. It is easy to install wall sconces or even set up small lamps on counter tops. Candles are another great way to subtly light the room while setting the mood.

Remove Bathroom Clutter

Now it’s time to remove the clutter. Look around your bathroom. Is there any unnecessary shelving, furniture, or hangers around? Remove those to create more space. If you still need storage, underneath the sink or in the vanity are great places to keep small bathroom accessories without cluttering the room.

Sometimes, bathrooms end up being the room that collects the random trinkets and accessories. Although they may be small, these items can create a clutter. So go through and get rid of any unnecessary accessories.

If you can, replace your current mirror with an even bigger one. Mirrors offer optical illusions by making the space appear bigger than it actually is. They’re also great for making the room feel lighter. Choose one or two pieces or artwork, one floor rug, and just a few items for the counter tops. The rest should be stowed away.

Keep the Bathroom Organized

Organization is key for redecorating any room because it will create much more space and eliminate unnecessary things. Bathroom organizers that can fit in cabinets and vanities really come in handy to store everything from medicine, to toiletries, to makeup. If you’re lucky enough to have a closet in your bathroom or nearby, take advantage of it! Stowe away towels and linens you may have out on hooks, which makes the space feel smaller.

We hope these tips have helped make your bathroom feel more spacious, organized, and serene.

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