Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Choose Colors for a Master Bedroom

Choose colors for a master bedroom that are calming and tranquil, so that you can sleep better. 

Here are some tips on how to choose colors for a master bedroom.

 Today I'm going to help you choose the right color for your master bedroom.

So many people put their master bedroom last in line to decorate.  

When you think of painting your master bedroom, think about peace and quiet and rest and relaxation, maybe daydreaming and things like reading, and of course, sleeping.

Think of Soothing Shades to Choose Colors for a Master Bedroom

Think of pale, soothing colors like a soft green, a cream, maybe a soft gray blue, an ivory color - things that make you think of soothing, quiet, peaceful light. I like to think of a sunrise - the light colors just before dawn.

Head on over to your local paint store and take a look at how they have their paint colors displayed. Maybe you'll see a strip of blues. Take a look at those blues - you're going to see a very pale, soft, soft blue, all the way down to a very deep, dark, mysterious indigo. But they're all blue! So the trick is to find the one that says: sleep.

So look for some colors that are really toned down - not too bright, not too heavy, you don't want to weight down the room, or have too much contrast that's a little too much extra stimulating. But if you really want to go for it and go for the drama, go ahead! Just know that it probably won't help you sleep.

Test Samples in Different Lighting to Choose Colors for a Master Bedroom

Take home some samples of your favorite colors, paint them up on some poster board, and try them out on different parts of your room at different parts of the day. And don't forget to look at them under your bedside light, and first thing when you get up in the morning. The color will really look different.

So sleep well

with Cindy Kunz

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