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Kitchen Layout DesignKitchen Floor Plans and Kitchen Design Layouts. Enjoy.......

Kitchen Layout Design

When creating a kitchen layout design or kitchen floor plans consider that most kitchen layouts fall into one of five categories based on the kitchen shape or kitchen layout.

The pictures below show the five most common kitchen floor plans. Before starting your kitchen design process look at each of the layouts below, think of your existing space (or your bubble diagram if you are designing a new home) and also consider the kitchens of friends, family members and your past homes. Consider which of those kitchen designs functioned well and which were awkward.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout Design

The U-shaped kitchen also employs an efficient work triangle. This style of kitchen generally works well for one or two cooks but if the width of the U is narrow it is difficult to accommodate more people. If the U is too wide this kitchen becomes less efficient in terms of walking distance from each point of the working triangle. A variation of this style of kitchen is where one or part of a wall is open to form a pass-through counter or peninsula counter (in this image it could be open between the fridge and the sink wall).

One of the advantages of this kitchen is that it discourages traffic through the preparation area. However, if there are full height walls on all three sides, this can also be a disadvantage since there is little room for socializing with those who are not involved in the food prep.

Straight or One Wall Kitchen Design

This style of kitchen is often employed in small apartments or open-roomed homes such as vacation homes. All appliances end up along the length of this counter. The working triangle is flattened to a straight line which, for one or two cooks preparing simple meals, can still be functional. Ideally the counter length should be kept to a reasonable length. Once the counter gets too long the efficiency of the kitchen is really degraded. By placing a table four or five feet from a one wall kitchen design you can help create the feel of the kitchen as a room and also provide extra space for preparing foods.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen works well for small spaces and open floor plans. The work triangle is an efficient one. A table on the open side of this type of kitchen can make for a comfortable and casual feeling kitchen with room for guests and conversation. A table placed here can also be used for food preparation when required. This style of kitchen is commonly employed in a farmhouse kitchen where the dining area is situated in the kitchen.

G-shaped Kitchen Design Layouts

The G-shaped kitchen floor plan provides the same efficiency of the U-shaped kitchen layout design with the extra advantage of having a peninsula that can be used as an eating counter or for a place for those not helping out in the kitchen to sit and socialize. One drawback is that the enclosed space could feel a bit claustrophopic. This could be alleviated by large windows and open views into the rest of the home.

Galley Kitchen or Corridor Kitchen

In general, the galley kitchen or corridor kitchen is commonly designed for a single cook or for small spaces. But if the distance between the two counters is somewhat wider than a traditional galley kitchen (which is often 3 to 3-1/2 feet from counter front to counter front) say perhaps 5 feet and if additionally, one wall is all or partially open this kitchen layout design can accommodate more than one cook. By opening one wall, seating can be created on the other side of the open counter.

I remember last year I wrote an article of designing a kitchen and I said for a simple start, just draw in your mind a trial angle, that where are these three things will stay 1. fridge, 2. stove, 3 sink, and you will get a nice design you want, and know your doors if they are open from the inside or outside. 

So from here you will know which design you have in your home and if you want to change it you will know where to begin. 

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  1. Nice pics, they really tie the whole article together. Another popular kitchen is the L shaped kitchen with an island. The island often changes the kitchen triangle and very often changes the traffic flow in and out of the kitchen.

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for the compliment and the advice, pls don't hesitate to give us your advice on kitchen, as we realy need the help on this. I will post the articles to the blog so that it will help us to understand and maintaining the kitchen. If you are in Tanzania pls lets communicate so that who ever needs you will contact you.

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  4. There really should be ample space for tables, chairs, range, sink, and cupboards, yet the area should not be so large as to necessitate too many steps.

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