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Just as a plan is required for indoor remodeling, a detailed plan for your outdoor garden designs and ideas is your best starting point.

Personal Paradise: Ten steps to designing your dream backyard

Tired of looking out your kitchen window to a dreary backyard? These 10 great tips to turn your backyard nightmare into a dream oasis is exactly what you need.

Beating the stress cycle

In today's world, life moves fast; sometimes too fast. Over half of all adults admit to having moderately stressful daily lives, stress that causes health problems and makes life less enjoyable. Stress greatly hurts a person's standard of life, as well as that of those around him or her.

However, there is a way for you to escape this stressful cycle, and it’s easier than you think. A backyard paradise is a perfect place for you to relieve stress and take part in life's simple pleasures. With these ten steps, you will be on your way to creating a stress-blasting haven just outside your home.

1. Discover your Backyard
Consider the natural state of your backyard, and use that image to help decide where improvements are needed. The goal is a delicate balance, a soothing design that offers solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Tame busy backyards with Zen areas for a more peaceful effect. Spruce up a boring backyard with simple elements such as furniture. Large patios offer small meeting areas, while curved paths can help create additional space even within a cramped backyard. Fashion relaxing nooks and areas along such paths to help create a stress- relieving atmosphere. Outdoor furniture such as rocking chairs can help create the perfect to rest and enjoy the moment.

2. Relax in your Work
Every person has their own style of work, as some enjoy garden work more than others. Remember, the key to this backyard is to relieve your stress, so do what is comfortable for you and your style of work. Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden? If so, blast some stress while planting in your own backyard. Use the work as a method to relax and enjoy your time with nature.

If not, work more slowly in order to still have an enjoyable time. By doing so, you will still be able to accomplish tasks while having a relaxing time. Consider less maintenance-intensive options for your backyard, such as mulch to help control weeds and plants that don’t require constant care.

3. See it Colorfully
Color is an important element to consider in your backyard paradise, as it creates a subtle visual atmosphere. As you are going for a soothing effect, choose soothing colors such as blues and greens for maximum effect. These colors inspire thoughts on nature, and should be used liberally throughout your garden.

Feng Shui elements can also aid in creating a soothing color-scape. You should study the sheet of elements carefully to determine what is best for use in your backyard. Use other natural colors in your designs, such as those used in stains, plants, raw materials, and statues. These colors compliment the nature around you, and provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to help relieve your stress.

4. Hear the Harmony
Sound is infinitely important to incorporate within your new soothing paradise, as it has very strong effects on mood. Calming sounds from nature such as running water and birdsong can be immensely beneficial, and should be used liberally. Use speakers along paths and throughout your backyard to spread the atmosphere of calm relaxation to all corners. The sounds will calm you and your company, increasing the benefits of every moment you spend in your personal paradise.

5. Use Mother Nature
Nature offers ease of use and enormous soothing benefits to help calm your stress and anxiety. Bird feeders and plants offer irresistible food and shelter for wildlife, and soon birdsong will soothe your mind and help you relax. Wildlife can be encouraged to participate in your backyard symphony, providing a dreamy ambiance to enjoy. Insects such as bees offer both horticultural benefits as well as pleasant noises, and can be attained by using flowering plants. Plants such as azaleas and hollyhocks offer treasures to natural wildlife, such as hummingbirds. Sugar feeders and low nesting spots can also be used to encourage these pleasant little visitors.

6. Find the Right Furniture
Despite being expensive, furniture plays a significant role in your backyard paradise and should be chosen with care. Comfort is the ultimate goal, in order to help provide a soothing atmosphere. However, quality and price are also good things to consider before making a significant purchase.

Use furniture to help create resting spots throughout your entire backyard. Porch chairs are excellent for a soothing rest, and benches can help create perfect nooks. Design everything with your comfort in mind, and don't be afraid to experiment with items such as a hammock.

7. Use the Sun
Your backyard paradise should provide its benefits no matter the time of year, so the sunlight and shade becomes an important element to consider. East-facing sunny areas offer a perfect place to doze or tan, melting your stress away it its warmth. Shaded areas can be accomplished with umbrellas and foliage, and offer a cool respite from the heat of the day.

Fans and cooling elements can also help relieve the heat, and should be carefully considered in your design. Use the shade to help you relax and escape the hassles of normal life, while fighting the hot weather during the summer.

8. Smell the Difference
Scent is a vital element within your backyard paradise, as it creates an atmosphere that fills your nose and mouth. Strive for calming aromas and use them to help soothe frazzled nerves and spice up your haven. Herbs offer not only culinary pleasures, but also wonderful aromas to fill your backyard with. An herb garden is an excellent element to add to your backyard garden.

Heady aromas such as lavender and sandalwood can combine with the smell of grass excellently, offering a wonderful orchestra of smells. Additionally, candles can be used to create smells in your paradise with great effect.

9. Fantastic Fires
Flames and fires offer immense soothing effects both by sight, sound, and smell. Both are excellent elements to incorporate in your backyard, as they can bring people together in a soothing manner. Fire pits also offer the opportunity to create a special outdoor meal, and are a perfect thing to relax around.

Tiki torches also offer both festive and useful aspects to your backyard. While preventing insects from bothering you, they create a wonderful flickering glow that casts a special mood over all present. Nothing could be better.

10. Play it Up

Games not only bring people together, but also are an excellent way to escape the stress of normal life. Be sure to include game elements in your backyard, especially outdoor games such as croquet and horseshoes.

These games will entertain you and your company, as you use your new backyard paradise. For a change of pace, indoor games such as chess or checkers can also be included for an element of strategy. Use the games as a way to lose yourself to the world and enjoy the present moment, life can wait.

Avoiding All the Stress 

If life has you feeling stressed out and tired, it is not only injurious to your health but to that of those around you. However, you do not need to simply accept this. By designing your own backyard paradise, you can have a place to retreat to and enjoy life more simply and slowly. Never be afraid to do so, you will emerge feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to tackle any task.

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