Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas on a Budget

There are many nursery decorating ideas that can save your budget. Many simple things can be done to cut costs if you have to plan the baby’s room on a budget. From the baby furniture and the baby bedding to other essentials like the décor, here are suggestions to lighten the load on your wallet while still creating a beautiful nursery for your baby.

Finding an Affordable Baby Crib

There are several ways that you can save money on a crib:

* Shop at resale baby stores, consignment shops, or garage sales to find a used baby crib. Make sure that it meets crib safety standards. If you find a crib that needs some TLC (tender loving care), you may want to consider refinishing the crib. Be careful of any crib made before 1978 because they may have been painted with lead paint.

* Borrow a crib from a friend or family member. Many people have baby cribs stored in their garage or attic either because they can’t stand to part with it or they are saving it in case they decide to have another child. Ask if you can borrow or rent it from them.

Nursery Bedding on a Budget

* While you can probably find nursery bedding at a  sale price, baby resale shop, or even at Goodwill, there are many stores  that offer discount baby nursery bedding at very affordable prices so you may just want to buy a brand new bedding set for your baby if you can.

Saving Money on Décor and Other Essentials for the Baby Nursery

* Search for artwork and wall hangings at discount stores . This is also a situation where you might have some luck by hitting the  Goodwill stores.

* Do without a diaper genie if you can. They aren’t necessary to have.  but we usually ended up walking the diaper to the curb anyway. If you really want to have one, or if you live in an apartment where it would be more necessary to have one, try to find one at a baby resale shop.

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