Monday, April 15, 2013

Fixit SmoothOver Skimming Plaster for Exterior & Interior walls..... available at Homez Deco......

An easy way to give a perfectly smooth weatherproof finish to rough or uneven plaster. Ready mixed for easy use, it will skim up to 5m thick and is specially formulated to adhere strongly to plaster. Simply skim it on and smooth it off, it will set hard in 4 hours to a white, weatherproof and alkali resistant finish that does not need to be primed before painting.

1. Stir to a creamy consistency.

2. Apply Fixit SmoothOver with a wet plastering trowel, skimming tool or large scraper moving in an upward curve maintaining a firm and even pressure. Applying only as much Fixit SmoothOver as needed, it is advisable to build the film thickness in multiple layers rather than one thick coat (maximum thickness 5mm). Don't worry about small irregularities or "tramlines".

3. Allow to dry for at least 2 hours before sanding with 100Gritt sand paper to a smooth finish. Thick applications or damp weather may require a slightly longer drying period.

4. As an alternative to sanding, Fixit SmoothOver can be floated or polished. As soon as Fixit SmoothOver is dry enough to touch (not fully dry), use a wet foam trowel to polish the surface in a circular movement, cleaning and wetting the trowel beween strokes to achieve the ultimate Fixit SmoothOver finish.

5. After 6 hours you can overcoat with any Dulux® water based paint. Allow to dry for at least 16 hours before overcoating with Dulux® enamel paints.

6. You do not need to prime before painting.

NB: Instead of using gypsum powder on your walls this is a right product for your walls....

Do not use or store in extremes of temperature and protect from frost.

Available in the following sizes
1.5Kg, 20 Kg

Please read instructions.

1.5 kg = Tshs 10,030.

20 kg = Tshs 

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