Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Pros & Cons of Color Visualizers

Once you have a color family or two in mind that you think you might like you may want to go online and see if you like the look in a room.

Almost all paint companies and many other sites have an online color visualize that can help you to image how a color will look within a room.

 If you want to use an online tool to spark your imagination then I'm sure you can find one online.

A visualizer is a wonderful tool for giving you an idea of how a color will look but that is all it is...an idea of the color.

You need to take that "idea" to the paint store and find a actual paint color that will produce that results you desire and I can almost bet in most cases it won't be the exact color number of the paint you chose online so be open to finding the color that will actually produce the look you love.

TIP: Your computer may be able to do most things with great accuracy and consistency however displaying colors is not one of them.

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