Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Add Crazy colors to your living room........

My client called and asked me, if I could do a quick change to their living room for  x-mass and new year, and it has to fit their budget. ( This living room was black&red theme) 

So what I had in mind is to change the curtains, curtain rods and add the pillows, and the pillow cases have be in crazy colors so as to brighten up the living room.

As you can see, I chose silver as the color of the curtains, and the pillow cases are in crazy colors, which are, yellow, orange, pink, etc...

Well here we're, waiting 4 X-mass and New Year to arrive.......

Thank you my client for allowing me to take pictures and share with others..

Happy Holidays


  1. nyc collection,
    but mshauri hizo redio kama angezipunguza hapo mbele zinaharibu show ya flat screen na the whole living room

  2. the living room is too busy, too much makochi

  3. nilishatoa ushauri, so msijali, kuhusu hilo......