Monday, November 15, 2010

Stylish Storage Solutions

Great Divide

Often called a bookcase colonnade, this stylish partial wall takes multitasking to the next level. The combination of bookcase and tapered columns (usually in pairs) separates rooms, and the shelves provide extra storage for vases, glassware, or other home items.

The Wild Side

Turn basic storage on its side with diagonal bookshelves. Using gravity to keep items stable, these shelves create a functional and fabulous storage place for books and keepsakes.

Hide-and-Seek Laundry

When space is limited, clear floor space by building into the walls. Use built-in cabinetry to hide the laundry room. Here, long cherry doors open to reveal a washer, dryer, and shelves to hold detergent, softener, and other laundry essentials.

Linen Service

Who wants to iron and re-iron tablecloths and linens? Keep yours neat with a pullout unit constructed with oversize wooden dowels mounted inside a frame.

Message Center

Never search for lost keys again with a shallow cabinet that includes hooks for keys, shelves for important papers, and a dry-erase board for important notes or grocery lists. This type of unit works perfectly by an entrance or in the kitchen.

Necessary Niche

Make every inch count with shallow shelves between wall studs. Use this area for necessities in a tiny bath.

Vanity Fair

 Easy access to cleaning supplies or hair products that get lost in the far corners of your bathroom cabinet. Add even more style to the space by replacing bulky packaging on everyday items, such as cotton balls, with decorative jars.

Hot Rod

Forget fishing around in a drawer for the potato masher. This long stainless-steel rod organizes cooking utensils and stores frequently used items within reach.

Note: Use matching utensils to create a functional and stylish backsplash display.

Double Duty

Combine storage with any built-in dining table, banquette unit, or breakfast bar. The toaster cover and the wine rack are made of maple strips.

Island Grooves

Cut down on kitchen clutter with island drawers. Not only do they add textural interest to the side of a boring kitchen island, they also keep homework, mail, writing utensils, and kitchen supplies out of sight but within easy reach.

Clean and Clear

Glass kitchen-cabinet doors allow for see-through storage of dishes, glassware, or food items. Another benefit of see-though door fronts is that cabinets stay tidy because contents are always on display.

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