Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to Business (Full time mjasiriamali)

Ninayo furaha kuwaarifu ya kuwa kuanzia tarehe 1/5/2010 nitakuwa full time mjasiriamali, kwa maana ya kwamba mwanzoni nilikuwa nimeajiriwa, ila sasa ninarudi kwenye biashara (fani yangu) , na kwa mahitaji yenu ya interior design duka liko wazi kuanzia jumatatu - jumamosi. Muda ni kuanzia 9:00am - 7:00pm. Nipigie simu kufanya appointment, cause mabe ninaweza nikawa kwenye kazi ya mteja mwingine.

Shughuli zitakazokuwa zikipatikana Homez Deco-Kreative homez ni pamoja na
  1. Kupaka rangi nyumba, ofisi etc.
  2. Furniture arrangment
  3. Gardening
  4. Interior decorating
  5. Consultation
  6. Curtain design
  7. Curtain poles
  8. Metal furniture
  9. Decorations
  10. Wardrope arrangment.
NB: Kwa consultation fees ni Tshs. 10,000/=, na tuna samples za rangi mbalimbali na nyingi, na sample hizi sio tuu kwa ajili ya kupaka ukutani zinaweza kutumika kwenye maharusi, furniture arrangment, etc.

Nawakaribisha sana sana, duka liko maeneo ya kinondoni Manyanya karibu na sheli ya BP Mwanamboka, kwenye service road ya upande wa hiyo sheli kuna maduka mapya. Tuwasiliane kwa simu namba - 0713 - 920565.

Nawashukuru wote, kwani bila nyie nisingefika hapa nilipo, Mungu awabariki woteeeee.

Jiko la nje - to you Praxeda

Hi Praxeda, nimelifanyia kazi ombi lako na pia naomba radhi kwa kukucheleweshea, hizi ni baadhi ya design za majiko ya nje ya mkaa, sio lazima yawe na makabati kama ya majiko ya ndani, na hata kama utahitaji makabati basi usiweke mengi sana, angalia design hizi na natumai zitakusaidia sana,tuwasiliane kwa mahitaji yako mengine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hali ya hewa ya leo mmmhhhhh!!!!

Leo Jiji Dar mvua inanyesha mfululizo tokea jana, yaani net ni matatizo, mitandao pia, barabara ndio usiseme,

Mie mpaka kifua na flue, sauti ndio usiseme, naomba nipumzike kidogo nitafakari jioni narudije kwangu, lol, jua lilikua kali, mvua imekuja imepitiliza basi balalaaaa tupu.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Tips for Controlling Clutter

1. Surround a bank of windows or a set of French doors with simple built-in shelving to add storage and style to walls.

2. Install pullout drawers and lazy Susans to maximize cabinet space.

3. Outfit open shelves with attractive, woven baskets for a natural look or metal bins for a more contemporary feel.

4. Install ready-made storage or shelf units in clothes closets.

5. Choose furniture pieces that double for storage, such as a storage bench or ottoman.

4 Ideas to Liven Up Furniture and Decor

1. Play with a variety of fabrics in pillows, cushions, and draperies. Make sure the fabrics share at least one common color to hold the look together.

2. Just because a piece of furniture is old and worn doesn't mean it's past its prime. If it's still sound and has nice lines, use paint to transform it into an accent piece you'll be proud to use and display.

3. Dress a wall with pieces you love. Combine interesting groupings of objects, such as round plates over a square sofa or thin vertical objects for a hallway.

4. "Shop" at home and pull pieces from one room into another for a fresh look.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Freshen Your Home With Colors

5 Ways to Add Color

1. Start with a blank canvas of white and off-whites for floors, walls, and furniture. Then use collections and accents to bring in vivid color that can change with the seasons.

2. Punch up a room with an accent wall in a dramatic paint or wallpaper color.

3. Paint the inside of a frequently used closet for a refreshing burst of color.

4. Fall in love with a favorite fabric or pillow, then find its dominant color and play it up throughout the room.

5. If you're uncertain how much each dose of color should be, use a 60-30-10 formula as a foolproof guide. According to the formula, a predominant color should cover approximately 60 percent of the room (usually the painted walls). A secondary color should cover 30 percent (window treatments, upholdster, and rugs), while accent colors account for the remaining 10 percent (artwork, accent tiles, and accessories).

Friday, April 23, 2010

Recycling Made Easy

Recycling Basics

Figuring out what you can and can't recycle in your curbside bin can be confusing. And figuring out what to do with larger items can be just as perplexing. The following slides provide information to make recycling easier to understand. Though the recycling rules vary in each community, there are a few basics to follow regardless of where you live:

--Contact the local recycling agency to find out what's collected and how.

--Sort recyclables according to your community's collection guidelines.

--Play by the recycling rules.


Unwanted TVs, computers, and other common electronics are perhaps today's biggest concern because of the increasing volume and limitations. Metal and glass pieces can be removed, but what's left piles up in landfills and leeches toxins into the ground.

Recycling Resources

--Because reuse is even better than recycling, consider posting your unwanted items on the free section (under "for sale") . Check each site's terms for allowable items.

Electronics (cont.)

Now required in some states, some manufacturers and retailers have mail-in or drop-off programs for their own products. The best course for a newer computer is to donate it for refurbishing. . And with all electronics, ask yourself, "Do I really need a newer model?"

Appliances (cont.)

When you buy a new refregerator or other appliance, some retailers, including Best Buy and Lowe's (select stores), will haul away your old one and send it to a recycle facility.

Another way to dispose of a still-functioning appliance is to donate them to others who can benefit. Contact your charity of choice, or find an individual who could use what you have.


The mix of materials in carpet makes it difficult and costly to separate in the recycling process, but the desire to address the problem is evident.

Plastic (cont.)

Don't recycle plastics Nos. 3-7 unless you're sure your local program accepts these. That includes shrink wrap, squeezable bottles, dry-cleaning bags, and polystyrene containers. Donate usable items such as toys, and return packing peanuts to the shipping store for reuse. Toss the rest, including spray nozzles, pumps, and container lids.


Recycle unbroken food and beverage glass containers, such as applesauce jars, ketchup bottles, and wine and beer bottles. (You might need to sort by color.) These glass items become food containers, tiles, landscaping pebbles, road surfacing, and more.

Don't recycle baking dishes, ceramics, windows, mirrors, and vases. They're made differently than glass containers and can contaminate. Donate these household goods, and dispose of broken glass and incandescent bulbs separately.


Piles of tires can pose problems such as causing excessive landfill consumption and creating mosquito breeding grounds. Ask about recycle when you replace your old tires. Regulations in all keep scrap tires out of the landfill, so it's common for retailers to contract with recyclers. They'll turn tires into rubber crumbs that become new products such as outdoor surfacing. If you have a tire at home, contact your local waste management service. Be prepared to take it to a disposal facility and pay a fee.


Recycle only the types of plastic your community's program accepts. (Look for the stamped number inside the triangular "chasing arrows" recycling logo, generally found on the bottom of containers and bottles.

Metal (cont.)

Do not recycle other metals curbside. Instead, donate to charity usable items such as cookware, flatware, can openers, and tools. Call your local recycling authority or a scrap-metal company for heavy loads such as house siding, gullter, or old radiators.


Recycle aluminum and steel (which includes tin) in the forms of beverage and food cans, disposable aluminum pans, and empty paint and aerosol cans. These aluminum and steel products become beverage cans, cookware, bike parts, and tennis rackets. In addition, old steel becomes new steel and might wind up as filing cabinets, auto parts, or appliances.


Recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and mixed papers such as corrugated boxes, cereal boxes, junk mail (including envelopes with plastic windows), catalogs, telephone books, and stapled paper. These paper products become newsprint, boxes,insulation, and animal bedding.

Don't recycle food-stained papers, tissues, stickers, wet paper products, and those containing plastic, wax, or metal foil coatings.

Mattresses (cont.)

You might be able to donate your old mattress to a shelter but probably not a charity that handles resale, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Paper (cont.)

Another way to minimize the amount of paper products you receive and need to recycle is to request your bills and financial information be e-mailed. Also, renew magazine subscriptions online. Call catalog companies directly to be removed from mailing lists.


Water-guzzling toilets threaten the environment even after they've been replaced with new efficient models -- if they're sent to the landfill. Toilet recycle is sure to become widespread; for now, check with your local waste management division for disposal procedures. Though only available in limited areas, independent recyclers salvage old toilets for their replacement parts (such as lids) and crush the leftovers. Porclean chips can be used for road paving; they've also found their way into composit


Most appliances can be tricky to dispose of. Refrigerators and freezers in particular are required by law to be properly recycled due to their hazardous components.

If you're replacing an old refregerator, first check with your local utility. Just getting rid of an inefficient but functioning model might qualify you for a rebate and free removal. If your refrigerator doesn't work, contact your local waste authority to have it picked up, usually for a fee.

Curtain Designs

Friday, April 16, 2010






kwa hisani ya 8020 fashions, thanks a lot sis.
Hakika ulipendeza, na nimependa sana make up yako, ulikuwa so natural that day, hukuaharibu picha, na hivi ndivyo make up zinavyotakiwa kupakwa, jamani mtu usiwe artificial, Just look natural, na hata mpambaji wako saloon akikuzidisha make up mwambie usiogope, maana utachukiza na sio kupendezaaaaa. LOOKING GOOD AND NATURAL SIS,
Somo akimsaidia kujitayarisha kuingia ukumbini. Mlipendeza sanaaaaaaa

Bi harusi mtarajiwa akiwasalimu wageni waalikwa ukumbini. She is so pretty and the make up was
Huyu ndie somo wake, looking good with the pose.

Shurti kwa air freshner wakimuingiza mwali ukumbiniiiiiiiiii..

Hizi ni baadhi ya zawadi alizotunzwa
Mie nguo yake tuuu, ulipendeza dada katika siku yako hiiii Hongeraaaaaaa
Ukumbi kwa ndani unavyoonekana!!!
Hapa ndio alipokaa bibi harusi wetu mtarajiwa, I love the set up, hakukaaa mbele alijichanganya, and it was so nice
Mashaallalaaaaahhh mduara, somo nae hamuachi bi harusi wake, Inapendeza sanaaaaaa

Hii niliipenda,
Card was nice toooo

Wacha weeeee kwa pozi tuuuuu, hongeraaa

Mwaaaa mwaaaaa mwaaaaa, sis
Mambo ya gladiator hayakuwa mbaliiiiiii


Nimependa keki yake it was nice, mie hicho kitaaa cha kunawia mikono ndio kimenikoga moyo wangu, maana ukiandaa chai ama chakula, lazima uwe na kitambaaa cha watu wakinawa wajifutie mikono yao,
Keki zilikuwa za kumwaga...... kila meza ilikuwa na keki, yaani fullll kujiachiaaaaaa
Favoursss hizoooooooo
Mdogo wa bibi harusi mtarajiwa hakuwa nyumaaaa, Looking goood Irene na tulipewa hivyo vipepeo wakati wa kuingia, hakika mlijipanga wajameni......

Lovelyyyy looking, Irene and Chairwoman, wow the shoooeesssssss, nilisikia wakisema they are from VIATUZ SHOP.

Zena wow how sweet of youuuuuuu,

Pozi hiiiloooooo,
Looking good, na gladiators ndio usisemeeee